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High Energy Girl

May 6, 2020

For the past 20yrs, Christine has been a very mean Nutritionist. Why, because she told her clients NO wine. It was very black and white. Having been a former competitive gymnast training for the Olympics she took that no pain no gain approach into her nutrition practice. She didn’t see it any other way. If her clients drank wine it would erase all of the hard work they were putting into their diet and exercise. There just wasn’t a wine out there that she approved of that would keep a client on track with their health as well as allow them a full social life without the guilt and side effects of headaches, weight, bloating, blood sugar problems, etc. So instead of creating a complete wine initially she created a day after the remedy (organic turmeric, chicory, muscadine grape skin, and lemon peel) to meet clients halfway, drink your wine, here is something for the day after symptoms which erased them all but the base wine was still not healthy. Christine got a little nicer! BUT You can’t inject a twinkie with Vitamin C and call it healthy! Right?! She set out to figure out to infuse my day after remedy into an organic wine. She bought a bunch of organic wines and started doing the infusions in her kitchen! Sadly, it took a lot of time and money – she had to not only find a winemaker that would help her create her new idea and do multiple lab tests on it but she had to find a vineyard whose practices met my standards. Christine thought it will be easy, she'll just find multiple organic vineyards to source from and start calling winemakers. Wrong! Organic wine has more chemicals in it than I agreed with including high levels of glyphosate, the cancer-causing ingredient in the weed killer roundup. After many lab tests on vineyards up and down the coast, they found a vineyard in Santa Barbara that was glyphosate free and adhered to organic standards. And an amazing award-winning winemaker in the same area willing to take on her idea and make the wine taste delicious! Smartvine was born! Smartvine launched on her daughter’s due date 16 months ago! Christine became a mom and started a business all at once. Watching her daughter learn and challenge herself everyday inspires her.