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High Energy Girl

Jun 17, 2020

David has been an artist and musician for his whole life. He straight-up wired to pursue the things he is passionate about. And, helping other creatives reach their optimal health potential is where my head's at these days. David taught himself how to create electronic music in college and never looked back… until he got burnt out from staying up all night to play shows, and not taking care of his self emotionally. He developed severe nervous system dysregulation (passing out randomly was scary), stomach problems, depression, and a real lack of motivation. He got deep into biohacking and learned how to take control over his own biology. David recovered his brainpower while building synthesizers at Moog Music in Asheville, NC, and then pretty wild synchronicity happened. He was taking a walk on his lunch break and realized the logo on the building next door was the exact same as the logo of his favorite podcast with Dr. Daniel Stickler, a world-renowned expert on nutritional genetics and epigenetics. David booked an appointment to get some bloodwork done and found out they were looking for someone with creating audio programs for meditation and stress relief. He took a job there and shortly after, Dr. Dan started an epigenetic training program for other doctors and coaches. He was convinced that David will make a good coach and asked him to beta-test his program. While David was skeptical of my ability to help people at first, he saw the potential he had. He quickly realized that combining his intuitive, non-linear way of seeing the world with a data-driven scientific perspective was a quick path to creating results for his clients. Since then I’ve gone on to work with Google product designers, cancer researchers, Broadway actors, writers, creative entrepreneurs, and other artists to rewire their habits that were holding them back and boost their brain function. I was nominated as a 2019 Top 100 Healthcare Innovator by the International Forum for Advancements in Healthcare. I’ve developed a proprietary genetic test for the endocannabinoid system, and have spoken at conferences like Bodyhacking Con and on podcasts such as The Elite Man Podcast, Psychedelics Today, Bio Alchemy and many more along with guys like Dave Asprey and Wim Hof. I’m currently an advisor to AMMA Healing as a specialist on the genetics of the endocannabinoid system along with Dr. Dan Engle (Onnit Labs) and other luminaries in the optimal health field. I also currently serve as the Director of Applied Psychoacoustics at Apeiron Center. I’m dedicated to serving other creative people as I firmly believe that the optimal health and longevity techniques shouldn’t belong just to the elite. In many ways, I feel like this work chose me. Because of what I went through, I now have tools I wish I had much earlier in my life to help my peers became better versions of themselves today.