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High Energy Girl

Jun 30, 2021

David E. Frost is a NFPT-certified Master Fitness Trainer, a rowing coach, champion competitor and award-winning adjunct professor. After decorated careers in the US Navy and business world, he founded Well Past Forty LLC to promote wellness and longevity. He specializes in nutrition, endurance and strength training; adapting sessions for people dealing with cancer, MS, PD, CP, diabetes and metabolic syndrome. He is a volunteer coach for veterans in Wounded Warrior & Freedom Rows projects.

David earned his Bachelor of Science degree from the US Naval Academy, and his Master of Systems Management degree from University of Southern California with a focus on human factors. He also gained post-graduate education at the Naval War College and the National Defense University. He is a national and world champion Master’s rower, which directly aligns with his fitness training. With his professional NFPT certifications, Koach Dave provides certified group, one-on-one online training sessions for athletes of all ages to add life in their years and years to their lives.

His accolades include: an Eagle Scout badge, a Technology Achievement award from Lockheed Martin Corporation, an Outstanding College Athlete of America (1975) award, Naval officer medals and commendations from our Cold War days, USNA’s Rusty Callow award, and a 2016 Distinguished Faculty award from the University of Phoenix. Hailing from Vermont, David lives in San Diego with his wife of over 40 years, Mary. He home-brews IPAs and Irish stouts, often donates blood and writes academic articles. He is the father of two and a proud grandfather. Learn more about David and his KABOOMER life’s work at