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High Energy Girl

Aug 11, 2021

Elizabeth is the author of What’s Wrong with My Child and America Is Infected. She is currently pursuing a Masters in Molecular Medicine. Her undergraduate degree is in biology and chemistry, and she has postgraduate training from the American College of Sports Medicine. Elizabeth’s passion for health and fitness launched her career in the facial and body contouring world. More than two decades ago, she founded the high-end La Bella e Famosa Spa in Nashville. A second location has been thriving since 2019. A researcher and entrepreneur, Elizabeth has made a name in the spa and wellness world with the development of her signature skincare line and cellulite reduction device which is sought after by the elite of Nashville.

Elizabeth Harris waged a hard-fought battle to get to the root of her family’s medical issues, especially the strange disease that hijacked her first-born son’s life. Using her science education background and her experience as a successful entrepreneur, Elizabeth exposes the mysterious bacteria that is not only behind her son’s disease but is also a key contributor to a myriad of maladies in America.

Through What’s Wrong Wellness, this mother of four spends much of her time educating medical professionals and other parents on her discoveries. In addition to thousands of hours of her own personal research, Elizabeth is expanding her knowledge by pursuing formal education in this field. At the time of publication, she was working toward earning her Master’s in Molecular Medicine.

She has learned that even today, although mycoplasma is recognized as being on the rise, it is still recommended that children who are infected with mycoplasma and have liver involvement should be “followed conservatively to avoid unnecessary diagnostic procedures in the future.” She resides in Franklin, Tennessee, where she owns a high-end wellness and medi-spa, and she continues to work toward a solution on behalf of the children.