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High Energy Girl

Jan 25, 2023

As a young boy, Dr. Singer always knew he wanted to touch the lives of others and be able to look back upon his life and know that he made a difference! Dr. Singer was always drawn to the healing arts, seeking out the true power of the brain, heart, and energy system of the body. When these systems are working together health is maintained easily and powerfully. He was always fascinated by the "spontaneous healings" people would talk about when all pharmacological approaches were useless, the person went within themselves and healed!!! This fueled his passion for Holistic Medicine and natural healing.

As a medium himself, he has been studying from the greatest Holistic doctors, Healers, Naturopaths, Bodyworkers, and Energy Medicine Practitioners for over two decades uncovering the most powerful ancient healing secrets and incorporating them into his practice. Dr. Singer takes no shortcuts, never treating the symptoms, and always allowing the patient's body to guide him in uncovering the true cause of the ailment.

He also completed an intense two-year Chiropractic Neurology program which fostered his brain-based rehabilitation and biomechanical approach toward understanding how the brain detects viral and pathogenic strains, infections, immune stressors, hormone-related issues, and digestive problems.

Dr. Singer is one of only 200 doctors in the world licensed as a Holistic chiropractor who specializes in Holistic Medicine. His studies and methods integrate homeopathy, designed clinical nutrition, applied kinesiology, organ and skin detoxification, bacteria, parasite, fungus, and viruses, flu, and fever elimination, infant, toddler, and adolescent well-care, acute and chronic illness rehabilitation, and emotional release techniques. He also utilizes the most advanced technology in the world, your human body, to restore health and well-being.

Recently, Dr. Singer became an expert in Enzyme Therapy and digestive healing which unlocks the doors to so many mystery illnesses.

His main goal is to serve his patients, and listen to their needs, concerns, and goals thus fostering a doctor-patient relationship that will last a lifetime.

Dr. Singer's goal is to return health care to the way it used to be when the patient was the absolute focus and not insurance. His mission is to uncover the cause of your symptoms, not mask them. His purpose is to present a solution to your health crisis and offer a holistic approach that will help your body heal quickly and restore the inner power of your body that has been suppressed for so many years.