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High Energy Girl

Mar 27, 2023

Darlene is a retired hairdresser of 45 years. Along with her practice, she studied nutrition and was able to maintain a CNC degree, in clinical nutritional counseling.

While obtaining her practice as a hairdresser, she also used her nutritional skills along with electrical dermal screening to help her clients with issues they would confine with her.

She tested for chiropractors and Naturopaths and hired her for the testing because their time was put into their practice. She perfected her testing education by becoming a certified BioScan tester with International Health Technologies, and now she has been a BioScan tester for 18 Years.

The career change has led her here with Quantum Healing Technologies to take the software to the next generation of testing frequency devices and how it pertains to our bodies. The test are showing true data on a quantum physics level that other tests do not show. This is what the Proof of Concept is showing.

Her motto in Life is to be Healthy, Wise, and Wealthy.