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High Energy Girl

Mar 7, 2018

Mary Roberts is a 46-year-old wife and mother who spent the majority of her life battling sugar addiction and various stages of obesity. Through living a Ketogenic Lifestyle, she has overcome obesity and maintains control over her addiction and her health.

In addition to battling the "sugar monster" and the scale, she was diagnosed with high blood pressure and Type 2 Diabetes in 2008. Six years later she found herself, at age 42, weighing in at 260 pounds and suffering from fatigue, depression, frequent illnesses, and relying on various medications to control her conditions. She decided she couldn't go on living that way, and she set out to make a change.

Today, thanks to Ketogenic eating and heavy lifting, Mary is a healthy 153 pounds with a good deal of lean muscle. She is no longer on any medications, has normal blood pressure, and controls her diabetes through the food she eats. She has essentially reversed her diabetes, and her diabetic symptoms - such as numbness in her limbs, blurry vision, aches and pains, or diabetic levels of extremely high blood sugar- are no more. She also no longer has sleep apnea, has stopped snoring, has no more asthma/allergy issues, and has not be sick with even a cold or the sniffles in over 2 years. Depression and brain fog are completely gone, and she now enjoys mental clarity and regular feelings of happiness, joy, and freedom.

Mary has a passion for helping others achieve their goals. She wholeheartedly believes that a Ketogenic diet heals and, when combined with working out, people can obtain their optimal health, because she has experienced it herself. She wants people to know that there is a solution to their problems. Her focus is on education and defining the Ketogenic diet, as well as helping people overcome their dysfunctional relationship with food so they can achieve their weight and health goals via a permanent lifestyle change.