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High Energy Girl

Nov 14, 2018


As a wife and mother of two, I’ve spent countless years and dollars on programs that didn’t work but all that changed when I discovered the Ketogenic lifestyle. I tackle life with a sense of adventure and fun with a side of charm and hospitality. I love helping others, hosting events, drinking wine and getting to know people from all walks of life. When I decided to embark upon my journey, I was still trying to lose the weight I gained from my second child and I was making no progress in the gym. A physical with my doctor confirmed what I had suspected, I was dangerously close to becoming diabetic. I had struggled to control my blood sugar levels all my life and I have watched as many of my friends and family have also suffered. Making a commitment to changing not only my health, but the health of my family and friends became a passion.

Keto Noir isn’t just a website, its a community of forward thinking individuals, striving for a better future through health, wellness, food and fun. Everyone’s journey is different, and every story is unique but we believe that with commitment and support everyone can realize their full potential.