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High Energy Girl

Jan 30, 2019

Twenty pounds over weight and dealing with health issues, one of them being severe Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome , Emanuela embarked on a journey to eat her way to better health. That is when she fell in love with the ketogenic diet.  With it, she learned to appreciate flavors, be free from her sugar cravings, re-frame the purpose of food in her life, and simplify the process of making fresh delicious meals for her family!

When Emanuela is not performing her daily duties as the editor of Tribuna, a multilingual Newspaper in her hometown - Danbury, CT, managing her family foundation (TNADF), or as an elected official in the local Board of Education, she is in her kitchen testing keto recipes she finds on the web and everywhere, or developing her own to share with her family and the world. 

She is also working on attaining a health coach certification and will be able to work together one-on-one in the future to help others reach their wellness goals.