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High Energy Girl

Feb 13, 2019

Christine Trimpe of BIO (updated 1/16/2019)

Christine, age 51, has battled obesity for over three decades.  She was a tiny petite-framed girl, but that changed drastically with the “Freshman 15” during her first year of college. 

Until recently, Christine had been overweight her entire adult life.  She tried every weight loss program you can imagine: tracking CICO (calories in – calories out), SAD (standard American diet) like “My Plate”, the Diabetes Prevention Program, a liquid shake diet for 10 months with strict adherence, Weight Watchers, Medical Weight Loss Clinic, and exercise – just to name a few.  By the way, she used to hate exercise.  It wasn’t until she learned from one of her MDs her health is 95% diet and 5% moving her body.  She credits this conversation with her doctor to sparking her desire to start taking control of her health.

Just before her 49th birthday, she began facing health problems - like a recurrence of painful ovarian cysts.  During an ultrasound to diagnose the cysts, it was discovered that she also a fatty liver.  As she began to research the consequences of fatty liver she began learning about hormones and how a diet of high carbohydrates is destroying her health.  She decided to quit sugar one week before her birthday.

Christine successfully quit white sugar and processed foods over a few months.  The health benefits were the elimination of sugar cravings and a slight increase in energy.  She expected better results, but her weight loss was extremely small.  She continued to research and learn.

A random google search on January 13, 2017 about fasting and hormones, led her to the work of Jason Fung, MD.  On this date, she committed to a strict Keto diet with Intermittent Fasting.  Since then, she has spent many hours reading and keeping current on how her food choices dictate her health and wellness.

Christine is passionate about sharing this lifestyle with anyone asking.  She has a small, private Facebook group where she will encourage people, share the science, and share podcasts and recipes to help keep her friends motivated in their new lifestyle.  Christine likes to emphasis with everyone to “learn the science, apply the science, change your life”!

Christine launched her on-line presence in April of 2018.  Her website,, is meant to encourage and guide individuals in their own physical, emotional, and spiritual healing.  Her life has completely changed and her joy in life has been completely restored through her Keto and Intermittent Fasting lifestyle.  She follows a strict Keto lifestyle because of her metabolic needs – but encourages everyone in their journey whether they choose Keto, LCHF, with or without Intermittent Fasting.

Christine likes to joke she’s an “accountant turned blogger” as she’s exploring avenues to share the message of this healing lifestyle with a wider audience.  In her “real” job, she’s a Controller for a medium-sized physician organization.  In her professional career, she’s doing her best to drop hints about a different way to heal the patient population!  Her anecdotal success story in the office full of mid-level healthcare providers (like RNs and RDs) and doctors is making some positive waves.

Christine is married to her college sweetheart and is the mother of two young adults – a son, age 25, and a daughter, age 21.  They reside in a suburb of Detroit with their two cats, Miki Roomba and Kitty.  She’s known around town as “Keto Christine” and loves sitting down one on one to share the amazing, healing benefits that her new lifestyle has afforded her. 

This is a highlight list of the healing benefits that Christine testifies to through her food and lifestyle choices:

    • Obesity – from a high weight in 2015 of 230 lbs. to a healthy weight under 120 lbs. on her small, 5’1” frame
    • Extreme Fatigue, Chronic Exhaustion
    • Insulin Resistance/Hyperinsulinemia
    • Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (confirmed by ultrasound)
    • Obstructive Sleep Apnea (confirmed by sleep study)
    • The need for the C-Pap machine (confirmed by sleep study)
    • Ovarian Cysts
    • Daily headaches
    • Monthly migraines
    • Cystic acne
    • Joint inflammation
    • Insomnia
    • Food Cravings
    • Amazing energy 24/7
    • Control over hunger
    • Control over emotional eating
    • Enjoyment in physical activity
    • Improved immunity to illnesses like cold and flu
    • Complete change in daily mood – from exhausted to complete JOY

You can follow Christine on her blog, on her Facebook page “Joyful Keto Life”, and on Instagram and Twitter as KetoChristine317.  Follow her for inspiration and motivation for your own journey to health and wellness!