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High Energy Girl

May 9, 2019

Heather faced premature menopause, unexplained weight gain, and severe adrenal fatigue. Frustrated at her doctor's traditional advice to accept debilitating hot-flashes, chronic fatigue, sleepless nights, amenorrhea, and to just eat less and exercise more in order to lose weight, she dove into the latest research on insulin resistance, ketogenic nutrition, and longevity science. Using a holistic approach, she systematically reduced her chronic stress, reversed her menopause, balanced her hormones, lost eighteen pounds, and reduced her fasting blood sugars from 145 to 93 after she began eating a ketogenic diet in 2016.

After sharing her results and knowledge with her community, Heather began coaching her friends and family with incredible results. Soon after, she pursued certifications in fitness nutrition and health coaching, and her professional coaching practice began.