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High Energy Girl

Jul 14, 2021

Karla Degginger is the founder of The Talent Loop who has spent more than 20 years trying to help people find work they loved and connect companies with great talent. She met a lot of great people, built life-long relationships, and shared in the celebration of new hires as well as the devastation of someone just fired and not knowing what they would do next.

Karla realized that the process was frustrating, full of obstacles preventing the best talent from ever finding the right opportunity, and she finally had enough! It was time to stop trying to fix the process, it was time to create something better.

To begin, she reflected on her own experience of 30 years in the workforce. At that point, her career had included six different companies in two very different industries, with positions ranging from entry to senior level. Titles included scientist, quality assurance manager, salesperson, and recruiter, among others.

Regardless of the position she held, there were common threads in the jobs she loved most. Building relationships, solving problems, pursuing continuous improvement, and contributing to something bigger than herself were the aspects of the jobs she found most meaningful and enjoyable.

Karla's dream job has everything to do with what she values and how she can contribute.

Karla believes that you’re just a passenger in this process — a name in a database. Thanks to the frustration of the traditional job-seeking process, too many stellar candidates give up on finding the best opportunity and decide they just need a job. Benefits and a paycheck become the primary goals, regardless of the fit.

This is why they have created their Talent Community. They put individuals in control of their own hiring process, equipping them to find a position that aligns with their values, and they invite candidates to develop a career strategy that allows them to pursue the work they love.

In addition to their Talent Community, they only work with companies that have defined core values that strategically align with how they operate in all areas, especially hiring. They provide an environment where all contributions are valued, regardless of position. People don’t just feel like they work there, they feel like they belong there.

The Talent Loop Resource Center is where Talent is introduced to trusted partners to guide them through the fine print. They can assist with things like benefits, retirement planning, skill development and other essentials you need in order to refine goals and develop a solid career strategy.

Their ultimate goal is connecting our Talent Community with our qualified Client Companies through instant notifications simply through our technology. Our app will be launching soon, and we want you to be the first to use it!

They believe that work should not be a place of misery where you watch a clock all day until you can leave. Their goal is to want you to get up each day expectant and excited about contributing to your company!