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High Energy Girl

Aug 18, 2021

Dr. Jason Dean, a husband, dad, physician, patriot, and humanitarian. He is the founder of the Revolution Network and BraveTV and is dedicated to getting the American and World Public out of Health and Financial Slavery. He started his career working in the sports industry with the NFL, MLB, and NHL and left to fulfill a bigger purpose as a physician. He lives for the truth and works to help others see it.

decision at an early age that when he was older he would never be in a similar situation as his upbringing. Jason entered the business world in his 20’s and suddenly began experiencing health issues. After meeting the love of his life, Jason got more intrigued in the health space and became a doctor of natural health, doctor of chiropractic, and Advanced Nutrition Response Testing Doctor. His mission is to help people get well-using food as a lifestyle and owns one of the world’s largest private wellness practices: Palmer Natural Health.

He’s been outspoken about government corruption and the pandemic over the past year. He went from a small audience at the beginning of 2020, to 10’s of thousands of listeners on his live streams. He has guests like Ted Nugent, Dr. Judy Mikovits, Roger Stone, and many more! Jason was so over the target that he has been banned by Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. To combat it, he built his own platform where he continues to stream to 10’s of thousands on his own platform he built as well as his Telegram Channel. He would like to talk about not only his story, but also how Americans can empower themselves to be healthier in their body and their wallet as well.