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High Energy Girl

Dec 15, 2021

Medyhne is an Australian Spiritual Teacher, Energy Healer, Retreat Leader, multi-book Author, Singer-songwriter & artist who focuses on balance, Spirituality & Holistic Wellness.

She is a Mum of 3 older children. She is dedicated to her service of Holistic Coaching, Spiritual Healing & Mentoring. An Entrepreneurial Creative Spirit with two tertiary qualifications from Monash University, Clayton. A Bachelor Of Arts incorporating Psychology & Sociology & a Post Graduate Diploma. Her Sessions bring profound transformation with individual clients (adults & kids) group classes, workshops & International Retreats such as the “Abundance Pray Love” Bali Retreat with US Media Identity & Coach, Abiola Abrams in 2017. She is now a regular Radio Host on the popular US Radio Network with over 1.3 Million listeners per month syndicated to 135 Countries Worldwide.

Medyhne has studied multiple Alternative Therapies. She is a Reiki Master, has a US Minister of Healing Qualification incorporating 3 Levels of Full Sensory Perception Healing, she has completed Meditation Teacher Training, Kinergetics ~ a form of Kinesiology & Energy Work plus multiple other fields such as Lightwork Healing. These all combine with her intuition & Divine guidance to bring her own unique blend of Healing & Holistic Life Coaching to the World.

She is passionately dedicated to the evolution of Humanity & Human Rights issues & is currently working with United Network Oceania – a truth News platform for Oceania. Her major focus at this time is in her role as Ambassador to the Oceania Restoration Council which creates projects to transform Oceania. This Website can be found at

She pursues multiple creative endeavors from commissioned Artist/Painter, published Author of multiple books for Adults & Children, Regional & International Radio Host, Internationally published Singer/Songwriter & Recording Artist with a song in an International Movie, two Music Videos & an Animated Children’s Video.

She is passionately dedicated to the evolution of all living forms, Humanity & Human & Animal Rights issues & is Co-founder of various initiatives & projects, such as the truth News platform for the Oceania Region entitled United Network Oceania. Her major focus is currently her role as Ambassador for the Oceania Restoration Council based in the Byron Region & creating transformational restoration for Oceania. This website can be found at