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High Energy Girl

Jul 6, 2022

As an entrepreneur and regenerative medicine pioneer, Drew Taylor is making breakthrough medicine accessible for everyday people. Drew’s interest in regenerative medicine goes all the way back to seventh grade when he observed a total knee replacement. After the surgery, the doctor told him that, someday, people would use their own cells to heal their bodies. Ever since Drew’s fascination with regenerative medicine has only grown.

Drew is used to juggling a full life; while obtaining his Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering at the University of Toronto, Drew also competed as a pitcher in professional baseball. After a career-ending injury forced him to give up his sports career, Drew devoted himself fully to medicine, first working as part of Mount Sinai Hospital’s BioEngineering of Skeletal Tissues Team, then as Chief Science Officer at Epic Capital Management.

Drew wanted to help people find a way to use their own tissue to live not only longer but better. So in 2017, Drew co-founded Acorn Biolabs, a company dedicated to helping more people access the future of regenerative medicine by providing affordable, accessible, and non-invasive cell banking. Cryopreservation isn’t just science fiction anymore; with Acorn, Drew helps people prepare to live longer, look better, and get ahead of aging so they are ready for the future of regenerative medicine.