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High Energy Girl

Jul 13, 2022

Pooja is a Bio-Medical expert with a master’s degree from USC. As a graduate student, Pooja focused her time on current-based technologies and was fascinated to learn how frequency-specific technology mimics the body’s own natural impulses and brings benefits on enhancing its functionality.

Out of school, Pooja designed microcurrent-based devices for toning body and facial muscles, tested with med spas, estheticians, and skin-enthusiasts. Users discovered incredible results with having tighter, toned, and lifted muscles.

Pooja went on to form a 7E Wellness beauty company at 25, and is now one of the biggest microcurrent beauty devices suppliers to professionals. In 2020, Pooja designed a microcurrent device for at-home use that has gotten a lot of attention from NBC, Forbes, LAWeekly, and BuzzFeed.

Pooja explains to audiences why external devices like Microcurrent should be used to boost energy and enhance natural results while bringing long-term health benefits.