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High Energy Girl

Aug 31, 2022

Dr. Loretta has been in clinical practice for over 25 years, previously as an operating room nurse, specializing in a cardiothoracic, open heart, vascular and kidney transplants out at UCSF San Francisco.

She is a former faculty at NYU School of Dentistry for Oral Facial Pain, TMJD. In 1994, opened Chiropractic practice, specializing as a Directional Non-Force Technique® practitioner, clinical nutritionist, and expert in woman’s health.

As a woman’s health expert, she harnesses proprietary protocols for Anti-Aging, Metabolic Detoxification, and Lymph-Biologics™, a unique form of lymphatic drainage. With a diversity of Nutritional degrees, a master’s in nutrition, 2 Diplomas in nutrition, and multiple certifications she has been helping women and men with their nutritional insufficiencies for years.