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High Energy Girl

Sep 21, 2022

Dana Frost is a mother, wife, and holistic health coach who, in the midst of the modern chronic health epidemic, is pioneering an alternative roadmap to female longevity and wellbeing that combines age-old medical insight with personal wisdom.

According to the CDC, women account for the bulk of prescribed medication in the U.S. and the rise in chronic diseases already encompasses at least 38 percent of the female population.

For Dana, her perfect “chronic health” storm arrived at an early age in the form of heart surgery, pacemaker, adrenal fatigue, pre-diabetes, and painful menopause transition. Never one to back down from a fight, Frost created a coaching approach that empowers women like herself to take back the wheel of their own personal health journeys. Her signature “Vitality You” method replaces a prescription-driven mindset with personal lifestyle changes that can bring balance to mind, body, and spirit.

She uses a functional nutrition lens that sees food and nature as medicine and taps into the human body’s innate self-healing capacity. Moreover, she has a rigorous educational background as a Master Life Coach, Aromatherapist, HeartMath® Facilitator, Myers-Briggs Facilitator, and Light Therapist. Using these integrative lenses she helps women fight a wide range of chronic health conditions related to mood dis-regulation, muscle pain, digestive issues, thyroid disorders, general inflammation, and more.