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High Energy Girl

Oct 12, 2022

Scott was raised on a farm in Eastern Iowa with 5 younger brothers and sisters. Being the oldest in the family, he was always trying new things. Experienced chores at a young age creating a love for animals and the land. The 70’s and 80’s were tough years for farmers, but Scott started farming in middle school. The experience of creating and running a successful business culminated in receiving the FFA Iowa State Farmers Award. He later obtained a B.S Degree in Agribusiness and Economics.

Over the years Scott has maintained his entrepreneurial passion with real estate rental properties, self-storage facilities, farming, and stock brokerage. His career experiences have provided a very broad exposure to business - Highlighting areas in which he executed, managed, and mentored. His experience is vastly diversified in areas such as importing and exporting of grain and grain based food products, commodity futures trading (managed and traded at CBOT,) domestic commodity trading, energy trading, supply chain (truck, rail and barges,) food processing (dry corn milling, flour milling, malting, ethanol production,) trading of feed based co-products, grain origination, managing identity preserved grain and processing, business development, waste mitigation and environmental management, brand management and sales.
In 2021 Scott actively started creating a network of hemp genetics, farmers, equipment dealers, developing and building hemp fiber processing facilities. He is an advocate for the hemp industries within State governments to reactivate the old hemp laws and working with the end users for specifications and acceptance. Scott is assisting to build the hemp foundation to create a prosperous supply chain from seed to joyous end user of clean hemp products for multiple uses.

Scott Busch is currently working for PHM Brands where he is financially responsible for Viobin division. Taking Wheat germ and extracting wheat germ oil (highest natural vitamin E) and extraction of CBD oil from hemp. He is also raising hemp for food and fiber applications with focus on the textile industry (clothing).