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High Energy Girl

Feb 1, 2023

After completing his residency at Cornell University Medical Center & Memorial Sloan Kettering in New York, Dr. Sinel served as Director of Outpatient Physical Medicine at Cedars Sinai Medical Center. An Asst. Clinical Professor at the UCLA School of Medicine he was also privileged to work closely with chiropractors and owned several medical/chiropractic integrative clinics.

In addition, Dr. Sinel lectured on alternative approaches to pain and the mind-body connection at well-known institutions including UCLA and the Esalen Institute. As a nationally recognized expert in spinal disorders and pain management, Dr. Sinel also authored several scientific articles and two well-known books on back pain including Back Pain Remedies for Dummies.

He is the owner of Physician Therapeutics. ( He is passionate about reducing the side effects of pharmaceuticals by bringing safe scientifically proven encapsulated medical foods as natural alternatives for pain, sleep, obesity, neuropathy, fatigue & cognitive decline.