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High Energy Girl

Oct 19, 2022

Kat’s story with hemp started at the height of the pandemic. She and her husband, Mark drove to Mount Rushmore to meet other Patriots in prayer on the Fourth of July. That weekend they met beautiful patriots.

Kat told us “On napkins In a bar in South Dakota, Hemp processing plants became the topic on how to bring Hemp back as a US commodity. In Solidarity of vision, friendship, & alignment with The Creator, We are now committed to bringing forth the golden age of mankind. Central to this entire journey is this beautiful plant called Hemp.”

Kat is happily married to her 3rd husband, Mark they are both from Ohio. She has 3 grown children, & 3 grandchildren. She grew up around animals gardening. She played in her grandmas beauty shop. She stood on a wood soda pop box shampooing customers that would say: “scrub harder!”

In high school, her parents took in foster children and Dad started a home improvement business. She grew up gardening and nursing hurt animals. She was in high school when her parents joined a Christian cult. She did remodeling projects with her dad & brother. Her brother was a general contractor. At 17 she left home.

She was self-employed most of her career owning 2 hair salons. She was also 50/50 owner in an automotive repair shop. She has designed and remodel homes garage and business spaces.

Over 40 years, she learned a lot from people & their stories told to her, as she stood behind a hairstylist’s chair. Watching people struggle, faced with horrible situations struggling with no money made her more determined to watch the world change for the good. This inspired her and her husband to create Warriors Post Warriors Post Ranch is a camp and cabin community dedicated to veterans & open to everyone. Kat seeks to incorporate Hemp processing plant at Warriors Post Ranch.

Along her journey Kat realized Industrial hemp liberates us from manipulated markets & corporate giants who control: Oil Cotton Wood Paper Plastic Polyester Vinyl all Building materials food and medicine. Hemp eliminates the grip Big Agriculture has on the food industry. No more GMO crops grown in poison. Speaking out on social media She embarked on a one-woman campaign to drop Industrial Hemp knowledge nuggets everywhere.

“To create a brand new economy as the old one crashes is the key. How do we achieve this? By retooling every business (possible and willing) to switch to hemp that currently uses raw materials controlled by corporate-owned resources: Oil forest products lumber building supplies vinyl plastics cardboard paper chemicals fuel food medicine. As we move away from using Cabal-controlled resources owned by private corporations their debt slavery structure collapses. We literally grow our new economy starting with the raw material Hemp. In the 90’san old farmer told me Hemp was grown for the war effort during WW2. As I started reading about hemp she realized that the war on drugs controlled hemp. Hemp’s cousin, Marijuana, heals 650 diseases according to the 1860’s Merk Pharmaceutical manual! The war on drugs gave the pharmaceutical industry a carte blanche to push their crude oil drugs.”

Kat is resistant to antibiotics, & only sees hindered healing in hospitals. She became a conspiracy theorist before they ever had a common name for it on social media.

Kat envisions a community in Warriors Post Ranch where the people peacefully and compassionately govern themselves to serve others. It is possible that all live a better life as many hands make light work & hopes this idea catches on.