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High Energy Girl

Sep 7, 2022

Genesis is a Licensed Mental Health Provider in New England. Genesis has been working as a therapist since graduating with her Master’s degree in 2012.  Genesis has extensive experience working clinically in community treatment programs, crisis stabilization, and residential programs, family reunification programs, outpatient programs, and probation and rehabilitation programs.

Genesis is currently working through a doctorate degree program in Integrative Medicine (IMD) and has been working as an energy healer, medium, reiki practitioner, and light warrior to others her whole life.

Genesis is a Constitutional Patriot and is passionate about helping others and considers herself a humanitarian.  Genesis honorably served active duty in the United States Military for 11 years and became a therapist after serving in combat in Iraq.  Genesis knew she could have a greater impact on helping others by becoming a therapist, so she transitioned to a career in psychology to have a greater impact on humanity.  

In therapy, Genesis offers a warm, honest partnership for anyone who is struggling emotionally and who is serious about wanting to bring about change and heal from their past wounds.  It is up to each human individually to stop the generational cycles of abuse and trauma that have been passed down from our ancestors.  Join me to start your healing journey!